Andre` Ferrell Jones

Andre` Jones was born April 26, 1984 in Belleville Illinois. Every since he was a young child he was always captivated by art. Andre' started drawing from the early age of 5 years old. His attention to detail and creativity always made his artwork stand out from others. October 31, 2009 Andre' modeled in his first fashion show which also displayed his artwork. He received so much attention because of his artwork a few of the models offered to be his next subject. Andre` decided to step outside the box and photograph the models instead of drawing them. Without any prior training for photography his first photographs captured the attention of many. That very moment started his photography career.

When viewing Andre` Jones photography you will notice his love for vintage styles, use of color, and creativity that grabs your attention. He use his experiences from art and modeling with his photography. Andre` loves to think outside the box and do the opposite to whatever is the norm. He is very passionate about his craft and it shows in his work.

All images photographed by Andre Jones